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Toby Grimwood-Snook

A Homage to the Beauty of Abandoned Industrial Architecture

There’s something incomparably honest about ruins. This scheme sits within the oldest building on our site: – ‘within’ being the most important factor. I have produced a building within a building, a collaborative arts centre that sits within a flour mill that’s changed in function and form eight different times in the last 114 years. This project– the ninth change, is a post-industrial homage that idolises the traces of an unstoppable industrial age.

Our industries have changed dramatically but that doesn’t mean that work still can’t be produced in these stark industrial buildings – I propose a series of integrated studio and office spaces that sit within and around beautifully detailed, beautifully aged cast-iron columns & beams as well as towering grain chutes that stem from first to seventh floors.

There is a thrill in exploring unused, post-industrial places. While researching this mill, I came across countless examples of people going to extraordinary lengths to peek inside abandoned spaces. My aim was to capture this, – but no longer keep it a secret, pealing back the structure internally, mixing private and public realms inside a brick shell that houses a showcase of a history of industry; and an industry working in history.

Declan Allison