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Molly Sutton

Without music, life would♭ 

Architecture should provide meaningful, resolved and comprehensive spaces. This centre for convalescence and recuperation aims to provide social and educational supportive environments for people with mental health struggles, their families and friends.

Drawing from my series of personal interventions and investigations, this scheme aims to boost mental recovery by accommodating the performing arts – drawing from Glasgow’s long musical heritage and the resilient musical dependence on both a personal and cultural level throughout the East End. The scheme combines a world-class performing arts venue with treatment spaces designed at a more intimate and domestic scale. The design aims to act as a home away from typical hospital institutions.

Located near Barrowland in the East End of Glasgow, the scheme is arranged in line with the contours of the partially wooded site. Spaces for consultation and rehabilitation give respite and privacy, breaking the linear and enclosed feeling of a typical hospital corridor. This flowing space separates the central gathering area from intimate recesses throughout the building. The act of socialising is facilitated by these carefully layered series of spaces. Staff offices and facilities provide the backbone of the design, containing the social space while allowing it to flow through the building.

Stephen Johnson