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Katrina Barritt-Cunningham



Learning to Fly

London City Airport is a key global gateway for the financial districts of Canary Wharf and the City of London.  By 2025, it is estimated that London City Airport will transport over six million passengers a year, adding over 30,00 more flights per year.

My proposal is for a new Aviation Centre in Silvertown that seeks to address this growing demand by providing ground services and recreation spaces for aviation workers as well as a specialist school for industry training.  The design includes flight simulators, a café and flight path viewing deck, all which are also open to the public thus encouraging discussion and dissemination around industry events.  At the centre of the building is a vast atrium, connecting the Aviation Centre to the airport.  Elevated walkways act as informal museum spaces, providing the opportunity for wider public engagement, whilst the swimming pool with training aircraft suspended above, provides facilities that can be shared with the local community.

Ultimately, the Aviation Center is a space in which aviation lovers, workers and people training within the industry have the chance to connect with each other and the general public.  In a time of much uncertainty around Brexit, my design celebrates the romanticism of travel and global exchange.



Katrina Barritt-Cunningham