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David Wiley



Rethinking the British Music Hall

My project explores how cultures in London can be celebrated through performance. I have converted the 20th Century Millennium Mills into a performance centre which combines classic British music hall with adaptable theatre spaces to house all forms of performance. My building encourages people to engage with other styles of performance by creating small moments where ongoing performances can be viewed, along with the ability for public performances within the atrium and surrounding grounds.
Circulation is key within my building, while moving through the building the existing fa├žades and columns are celebrated by the juxtaposition with clean new floor plates and walls. A large moving walkway snakes up the north side of the building giving views over the docks while allowing large numbers of people to scale the building at once.
The large volumes are well suited for the spaces required for performance with large open areas turning into close intimate spaces as you manoeuvre through the building. A large atrium acts as communal interaction space where performers and spectators can view each level of the building. The exchange of education and community engagement contribute to a fully integrated community.



Katrina Barritt-Cunningham