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Aisha Flynn

The ‘Best of British’ Market

Looking at the idea of a positive ‘Brexit’ the user will find everything British within the market. Celebrating and encouraging the established and up and coming British industry. The idea that businesses will work together in a community space with a flexible hub to change function and to host events and festivals. Having the London City Airport as a close direct link the hub of the market will be a British duty free on British land.

The pending exit of the United Kingdom from Europe sees the need for us to thrive independently as a nation. Looking at the historic nature of Silver town as a site and the hustle and bustle of its trading market and goods took influence in this project. Bringing this back to life within a flexible, dynamic, vast open space.

The structure becomes a spectacle in the existing landscape, it does not blend in it stands out to be seen from every angle. It has its voice in the larger grand scheme in the center of the master plan and overall future of Silvertown.

Taking the proposal of trade the space will become the place of not only exchange of goods but also of ideas. From Cars, to Jewellers to local food stalls, it will become a mixed use space with the intention of a flexible diverse community hub where ideas can become a way to expand. This goes hand in hand with the need of a flexible module market place that can adapt, change and grow as the businesses do. It also allows for it to be a dynamic space during the day and the night. It becomes a mini 24hour city or community within the greater city.

This internal community will be placed where the public are free to engage with this process and explore and purchase in a space that becomes an experience as well as a functioning realm. This is made easily accessible due to the access routes visibly open for people to pass with direct lines of entry and exit from the nearby public transport.

Taking the idea of Brexit and utilizing the trade and talent within Britain making it a positive and celebratory experience to be part of and to showcase all that is ‘Great’ about Great Britain. ​









Declan Allison